Jaewoo Song
Jaewoo Song


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I’m happy to announce that I’m currently participating in the internship at Machine Intelligence lab(MILab), Seoul National University from June 1st.

The supervisor is Prof. Kyomin Jung, the associate professor at Seoul National University Electrical and Computer Engineering department.

MILab currently focuses on Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing, including Question & Answering(Q&A), Dialogue system, Machine Translation and Speech Recognition, etc.

Also it has been conducting various researches on the applications using Deep Learning, such as logical inference, graph-structured data and multi-modal tasks.

Since my specialties are NLP and Conversational AI, I’m looking for a research topic related to efficient dialogue understanding & encoding or knowledge-grounded dialogue generation.

Although I can work as an intern for a short period of about six months, I will contribute to the research as hard as I can.

Thanks again for accepting me as an intern and I hope I can make a rewarding time.