Bias-Variance trade-off

“Bias-Variance trade-off” is one of the fundamental concepts in Machine Learning studies, which means that there is a trade-off relation between two errors(or losses), bias and variance when evaluating the generalization capacity of ML algorithms.

Machine Learning

The Curious Case of Neural Text Degeneration

This post is the review of the publication, Holtzman, A., Buys, J., Du, L., Forbes, M., & Choi, Y. (2019). The curious case of neural text degeneration.

Natural Language Processing

Beam Search

Beam Search is a tree search algorithm based on “Best First Search” method used in various NLP tasks frequently.

Data Structure & Algorithm

Monty Hall problem

“Monty Hall problem” is a very famous mathematical problem related to conditional probabilities.

Probability and Statistics

Neural Machine Translation with Transformer in Pytorch

We reviewed the famous Vaswani, A., Shazeer, N., Parmar, N., Uszkoreit, J., Jones, L., Gomez, A. N., … & Polosukhin, I. (2017). Attention is all you need. In Advances in neural information processing systems (pp. 5998-6008) last time.

Natural Language Processing

Attention Is All You Need

This post is about the famous Transformer, which has advanced the progress of NLP research.

Natural Language Processing

Attention mechanism in simple RNN based model

Since the basic idea seeing the overall input contexts as references is same, it is obvious that we can use attention to basic RNN based models.

Natural Language Processing

Sequence-to-Sequence model

Sequence-to-Sequence(seq2seq) model is a Deep Learning model usually used for machine translation, text summarization etc.

Natural Language Processing


YBIGTA is the Big Data Academy in the college of Engineering, Yonsei University.


AICON 2019

It has been quite a long time, but I finally managed to post about AICON 2019, which is a global AI conference held at Yangjae R&D Innovation Hub, in Dec 17th, 2019.


Minimum Spanning Tree

Spanning Tree is a tree that has all vertices from an original graph and has a minimum number of edges.

Data Structure & Algorithm

Traveling Salesman Problem

Traveling Salesman Problem(TSP) is one of the most famous problems in algorithm and the basic example is below.

Data Structure & Algorithm

Operator Overloading

Simply saying, this is about re-defining basic operators for primitive types and it can be used for operating between objects from classes or structs.


Priority Queue

I found the data structure called “Priority Queue” in <queue> libaray.


Making Pytorch custom dataset

When doing simple practices, we can download datasets provided by the framework itself, process them into loaders and put them into our models.


Runtime error

During these several days, I have suffered from runtime errors while solving Baekjoon Online Judge problems.


Updating the value in map

I have usually used map.insert() to put a value in the map and known that this would update automatically if there is already the existing key value.


Finding cycles in graph application

Until now, I have thought that I have become accustomed to solving problems clearly with graph searching, for instance, DFS, BFS. But I realized that a problem that doesn’t seem to be solved with a graph can be processed with a graph structure.

Data Structure & Algorithm

Binary search

Binary search is a powerful method to find the desired value in a sorted sequence, but I have not been used to decide whether the given case should be solved with Binary search.

Data Structure & Algorithm


I noticed that there is a function to get permutations of a given sequence.

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I am starting my master’s program in Fall 2022!

Among the several admitted options, I chose to go for the Master of Science in Engineering in Computer and Information Science (MSE in CIS) program at the University of Pennsylvania, PA in Fall 2022.

My laptop is almost dead

My laptop which I bought right after the termination of military service and has used for about 1 and a half years is dead.

Working out again

Today, I started to exercise again by registering the school’s fitness center.

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