Jaewoo Song
Jaewoo Song


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From October, 18th, I have been working as a Machine Learning engineer in Natural Language Processing at Mindlogic, Inc., Seoul.

I chose this company as my fresh start since Mindlogic is almost the only place in Korea to boldly face the open-domain dialogue challenges, which is my main interest.

Mindlogic is a startup established in January 2019, located in the center of Seoul.

In this company, passionate and hard-working developers and researchers are collaborating to develop open-domain dialogue services, including 가상 남녀(AI Boyfriend & Girlfriend) and 오픈타운(Opentown).

The former is an application that provides virtual boyfriends or girlfriends, which can be tuned as the user wants to be, trained with Machine Learning.

And the latter is an AI-based Meta-verse application where users can make their virtual character which communicates with others automatically and train them with additional dialogue data.

These are very promising since not only in Korea but also in the world, handling a chit-chat is still a huge problem.

I thought it is worth trying by joining Mindlogic and now working on the research on open-domain dialogue understanding.

I am thankful for giving me this valuable opportunity and I hope that I will have a great time at Mindlogic, Inc.