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My laptop which I bought right after the termination of military service and has used for about 1 and a half years is dead.

This is what happened.

  • 8/28(WED): Suddenly the blue screen popped up while using it. I rebooted it again and again, but it kept dying showing me the error screen. So I backed up important data with Safety mode + USB Tethering and decided to format my laptop and reinstall Windows 10.
  • 8/29(THU): In the morning, I formatted the computer. After the reinstall, it seemed working well, but the blue screen showed up again. And it kept popping up during the repeated reinstalling processes.
  • 8/30(FRI): I left my laptop to the service center…

I think I haven’t used that long, so I don’t know why.

Maybe some kind of mistakes while setting WSL…?

They said they will contact me on next Monday or Tuesday, so I have to use a computer in the club room.